Assisted Living in Covington, KY


nursing home covington KYAs an individual face their twilight years, symptoms of aging gradually shows in their daily activities and people around them will start to consider a nursing home to monitor and provide their needs. Assisted living home are facilities that can provide services, which family members cannot perform, for elderly people. In this institution, such as in Covington City, senior citizens are given enough attention and care according to their capability and needs. Some assisted living home in Covington, such as Ivy Knoll, include regular exercise and stretching, socializing and recreations like fun games and simple crafting activities. As a younger member of the society, when is the time you should consider looking for a nursing home? What are the signs you need to know?

  • Their shirts are getting loose, or they gradually losing weight? This is usually associated to poor eating habit or a disease like cancer.
  • Unpaid bills continue to reach its deadlines and disconnection notices are still in the mail box.
  • Noticeable increase of unopened mails. Personal mails mixed together with daily bulletins and promotional flyers.
  • Being forgetful from time to time. Disease associated to aging such as dementia or Alzheimer’s is a serious event in one’s life. Leaving people with this illness unattended may harm others and worst, themselves.
  • You have visited three days ago, but their in the same clothes when you arrive home today. Signs that they are taking for granted the call of proper hygiene. Strange body odor welcomes you as you enter their room.
  • Spoiled and expired foods are the only thing you saw in the refrigerator when you decided to cook for them but a dozen bottles of soy sauce and vinegar are in the kitchen cabinet you have no idea where to use it!
  • They have bruises but they don’t know where they got it when you ask them.
  • Your dad loves coffee and when you start to prepare a cup, you discovered the coffeemaker is broken. Some appliances are in the same condition too.
  • Bought another box of medicine to refill their medical supply but there are still plenty of capsules left in their case, obvious that they are not taking medications correctly.

These are just some of the obvious signs and if you have been in these situations then maybe it is the time to look for some advice and consider a nursing home. If you think you cannot perform the duty of being with your elders from time to time to monitor their condition because of a busy schedule, there are facilities like in Covington City, which can help you assess the condition of your parents to help you decide about their welfare. Our parents made us who we are right now and the thought of sending them to assisted living home is a hard decision to make. However, in some cases, the best option to keep them safe and healthy is by sending them to a nursing home.

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